5 Tips for Using Social Media During Times of Crisis

In the midst of the current pandemic, people are turning to social media to stay connected. It’s been a great way to stay connected to friends and family, but it’s also a very valuable tool for small businesses to use to stay connected to their customers. That being said, responsible commercial social media use is essential. Here are some tips for using social media effectively during the current coronavirus epidemic:

  • Revisit any automated ads, email sequences or social media posts. As soon as the coronavirus pandemic started to unfold, many people noticed advertisements and corporate posts that were NOT appropriate. I’m not saying that you need to delete all of your current content, rather that you need to make sure it’s not insensitive to the current situation.
  • Use video when possible. Although not everyone is comfortable creating video, now is a great time to start using video as a way of communicating with your customers. In this period of social distancing, many people are missing in-person conversations and video provides the next best thing! It’s one of the fastest ways to form connections with your customers/clients and it’s definitely worth testing out.
  • If your business can help during the crisis, show your audience how. For example, many people are now working remotely. If you work in and industry that operates remotely, can you share tips on how to work more effectively? Share helpful information and be a resource for those who need help most.
  • Don’t capitalize on the crisis with inappropriate marketing messages. While it’s true that some businesses and industries are doing well economically at the present time, many are not. Be sensitive to the fact that many people are suffering, so now is not the time to launch tone-deaf marketing campaigns!
  • Use the time to take a step back and evaluate strategy. For many businesses, there has been a definitive downturn in activity. While it’s not a welcome economic consequence, it can give you time to take stock of your social media strategy and see if you need to pivot in the coming months. If you would like to discuss how to manage your social media strategy during this period of social distancing, we are happy to schedule a quick insight call.

How is your business using social media during this pandemic? I invite you to share your tips in the comments below.