Examples of Bold and Colorful Digital Branding

crayons in a box

While my digital branding style is not bold and colorful, it’s one of my favorite styles to work with because it includes vibrant, bright colors, and fun fonts. I think it’s my “spirit style!”

In my experience, this is the style you see least often, as it can really appeal to certain people, but sometimes doesn’t transfer to a broader audience. This is actually a good thing because the goal is to attract your ideal clients and if they love bold and colorful, then this style will really resonate with them!


Headspace is the perfect example of a brand that embraces a bold and colorful style. On their website, you can see the variety of bright colors, with yellow being the most dominant. Their imagery is playful and upbeat–perfect for an online therapy service.

Their Instagram feed is consistent with similar colors, characters and messaging. The font is simple and approachable, so as not to compete with the bright colors and become too busy.


Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is another great example of bold and colorful branding, just look at the paint job on their airplanes! 🤣 The company uses a red, yellow, and blue tri-color scheme. These primary colors are carried throughout their branding online and offline (including the planes!).

Southwest airlines website home page

How fun is this picture from their Instagram feed? The plane with branded colors and a Ferris wheel perfectly captures the playful and fun-loving spirit of the airline!



How could we not include Crayola in this article? Crayola is the epitome of a bold and colorful brand and it shows on their website and ALL of their marketing materials. Their website is a mashup of rich colors and imagery that speaks to the fun and artistic nature of their brand.

crayola website homepage

Their Instagram feed is full of bright and lively pictures of children and their artwork. The Instagram pic below reflects the company’s vision and messaging along with a wide variety of fun colors.


Bold and colorful is such a fun brand design style, so find some of these brands and let them inspire you! When you are ready to get started crafting your bold and colorful brand, schedule a mini strategy session so we can start crafting the perfect brand for your business!