Is Your Branding All Over the Place?


You have a logo and maybe some colors and fonts, but nothing is consistent and you're not sure how to fix that...

Digital branding consistency is a MUST in today’s online environment and one of the easiest ways to stay consistent is through the use of a digital branding style guide. This guide will cover elements like:

  • Logos and alternate logos.
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Stock image guidelines
  • Tone of messaging

Can you imagine how it would feel to have a single document that had all of the secrets to your brand in one place?

  • You can share your digital branding style guide with ANYONE who creates marketing/promotional materials on behalf of your brand.
  • Creating promotional materials, social media graphics and other digital media will be SO much easier because you will have a brand style guide providing you with all of the necessary styling information to keep things consistent.
  • Having an easily recognizable brand will result in more traffic to your site/store, increased sales and greater brand awareness among your target audience.

Branding Style Guide


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We 100% guarantee that this single document will make your branding consistency EASIER.

Jessica Morrison Portrait at Desk

Meet Jessica,
Your Web Design and Branding Expert

Jessica has over twenty years of experience working with multi-million dollar companies including Pfizer, Walmart, BJ’s Wholesale, Toyota, Stonyfield, and prAna in sales, marketing, and influencer marketing.

Growing up in a small town on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, her heart has always been with small businesses– more specifically, women-owned businesses. She is passionate about applying her wealth of digital branding experience with major corporations to small, women-owned, service-based businesses.

Our Digital Branding Style Guide Is Perfect For You If:

  • Want a more consistent digital branding presence.
  • Create branding/marketing materials for your business or hire outside help to do so.
  • You want to save time when creating materials to promote your business, while ensuring that they all have the same look and feel.

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