Examples of Luxe and Elegant Digital Branding

woman with luxury shopping bags

If you took the Digital Brand Style Quiz and got “Luxe and Elegant,” this post is for you (or maybe you didn’t, but you just love this style!). It can be helpful to see examples of branding to know what it looks like when you choose a carefully curated selection of colors, typography, imagery and messaging–all with the purpose of attracting your ideal client. After reading this post, you will start noticing these elements in brands you see on television, in magazines and in the store!

First up is Chanel. Chanel is an iconic luxury brand and you can take cues from the simple and elegant font they use. All labels and the logo are clean and the focus is on the product and its beautiful presentation (the same applies to their clothing). The perfume is in a bottle that evokes feelings of crystal and perhaps a decanter of fine liquor.

The brand uses black, white, beige, gold and red in all of the its branding. This video explains the color choice and the reason Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel  used them in her designs, be they cosmetics, fashion or perfume. It’s also EVERYWHERE in their digital branding. All you need to do is visit their website or Instagram channel and you will see what I mean!

Next is Rolex, another perfect example of the Luxe and Elegant digital brand style. Similar to Chanel, the font used in much of their branding is simple and clean, yet elegant. The font used in their logo is a modified version of the serif Garamond and conjures up a regal feeling that is reinforced by the crown above the brand name (in gold of course!).

I love the above Instagram post because it really captures the essence of the Rolex brand–note the rose gold, jewels and prominent crown. You can’t help but look at this post and think “luxury.”

Rolex uses Cadmium Green (#006039) and Metallic Sunburst (#A37E2C) as their primary brand colors. The gold color was chosen for its symbolism of prestige and luxury and the green for wealth and money– a perfect pairing for this brand and exactly why they attract their ideal clients!

There are SO many more examples of luxe and elegant digital branding. Here are a few more to check out:

You can grab a Luxe & Elegant Canva Brand Kit below to create your own luxury digital brand!