What you DON’T Want to Do with Your Website and Social Media

One thing you DON’T want to do with your business’s website and social media is to operate them without cohesive branding and a comprehensive digital branding strategy that links the two.

A core feature of our Digital Brand Design packages is that they address your business website AND your social media strategy and content. Your website and social media should always work together with the ultimate goal of bringing visitors from social media to your website.

Social Media Should Drive Traffic Back to Your Website

I always tell my clients that your website is the one thing you DO own (if you’re self-hosted on WordPress–more on that in a future post!), so think of it as your real estate. Any content and followers you have on social media aren’t really “yours” and the reality is that the platform could shut down or close your account at any time. I’ve seen it happen!

When you are constantly working to bring your followers to your website, you increase the likelihood that they will return to your own site when they need more information or to contact you, and they might even join your email list! Your website is the place where you can really connect with your potential clients/customers and show them everything your business has to offer.

Messaging Should Be the Same on Your Website and Social Media

Digital branding consistency is essential for maximum impact, so your brand messaging should be the same on your website, social media platforms, emails, etc.–anywhere you are connecting digitally with your customers and clients.

This all goes back to your original brand story and your value proposition– who are you selling to, what are you selling, why are you selling it and how is it delivered? What are the benefits your potential clients and customers can expect to get from your product, service or experience?

Your overall goal is to drive sales and/or traffic to your business, so your website and social media should be working together to achieve that goal. I’m NOT saying that every social media post should be promotional (this will be covered in another article too), but that there should be strategic posting with the goal of converting your audience to customers. For example, I usually recommend one promotional post for every 5 shares on Facebook. The goal is to create an engaged community, not spam your followers!

Users Should Experience a Seamless Transition between Your Website and Social Media channels

If you look at large and prolific brands, you will notice that any and all digital communication is carefully constructed to reflect the brand’s aesthetic and messaging. Pharmaceutical companies are REALLY good at this. I used to work in pharmaceutical sales, and it’s something I picked up on right away. You will notice that they pay very careful attention to the use of the brand’s colors and visuals that speak to patients.

I challenge you to pay close attention to the next pharmaceutical commercial you view online or on TV. Look at the brand’s colors in their logo and watch how often they pop up in the clothing and other items used in the commercial. Look at the visual imagery they use to identify with potential patients. What’s the overall feeling of their advertisements or informational sites. Does it resonate with you?

While your business isn’t likely to have the digital marketing budget of a large pharmaceutical company, we can still apply the lesson above to our own branding by keeping things consistent!

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