Local SEO Checklist 2021

Local SEO Checklist Graphic

Ready for your small business to start showing up (or ranking higher) on Google? This Local SEO Checklist will show you what you need to do to set up a local SEO strategy for your brick and mortar business or service. Listed below are the basic elements you need to have set up (and monitor) to start getting noticed on Google and getting more traffic to your website while you sleep!

Optimizing local SEO isn’t something that can be done overnight, so the sooner you get to work with these elements, the sooner you will notice higher search rankings and more customers telling you that they found you on Google.  If you’re ready to take it a step further and get your local SEO strategy done for by an expert, the SEO Virtual VIP Day is a great option for your small business. Start taking action with your local SEO and download or print a copy of this Local SEO checklist and start getting items checked off your list.

If you have already completed most of the items on the local SEO checklist, the Ultimate Guide to Hyperlocal Marketing is something you will definitely want to review when developing your local SEO strategy. 

Here are a few other resources you may find helpful when working on local SEO for your small business: